Jo-Hairing the School Supplies

One of my mom’s nicknames is Jo-Hair. It comes from my dad’s nickname, Ro-Hair, and I cannot explain either one to you at this point. Anyway, I’ve been working on school supplies this week, and as you already know I am flummoxed by how many supplies everyone needs. I’ve begun editing the list here and there– for example, Cam’s list calls for a dozen red pens, but when I was at the store they had 10-packs. Therefore, Cammy is going to school at a 2-red-pen disadvantage.

Dave and I refer to this practice as Jo-Hairing the school supplies list because, when I was a kid, my mom refused to buy the requisite tissue box. Ever. I was always appalled– how could we go to school without contributing to the classroom tissue inventory??? And now I’m in charge of school supplies and I’m going, “Wait a minute. How many tubs of baby wipes can one class go through?” Plus I know several moms who, year after year, spend less than $10 per kid on supplies and I’m here to tell you, I cannot see how that is possible unless some Jo-Hairing is going on.

So, share your secrets, ladies.

And on an unrelated note: Gabby stepped on my bare foot with her heel, twisted the skin sideways, and then down. I could almost see through time there for a second.


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    • Crista

      lol….I was actually just going through the supplies with Delaney, my oldest. She is going to be an 8th grader (gasp!) and she has this whole school supply thing down to a science. After I read off each item from the school list, she told me how many they ACTUALLY use. For example….2 packages each of red and blue (or black) pens….actual number = 4 of each…..3 packages of 3×5 note cards = 1 pkg….. a package of pencils = 4. And although I always send in the hand sanitizer and clorox wipes, I tell the teacher to let me know when she is running low on paper towels, baby wipes and kleenex boxes and I will be sure to send some in. :o)

    • Jules

      Oooh– now see, this is helpful. If only my kids had any sense of what they would use. They’re still walking through the school supplies section and saying, “But I NEED an engineering calculator! I NEED a revolving desk organizer!”

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