Oh. My. God.

So I was minding my own business and trying to make meatballs despite the help of Addie J, when Gabby said to me out of the blue, “Hey Mom- don’t you like Thundercats?” I looked up. “Yes, I LOVE Thundercats. Want me to do Uncle Mikey playing Lion-O as a kid again?” and I held an imaginary sword in front of my face, affecting a little boy’s tough-guy voice. “Sight beyond sight!!!!!!” I yelled, and all three kids started dying laughing. As I went back to the meatball massacre I added, “Why do you ask?”

And Gabby answered, “Because they’re going to be on Cartoon Network this Friday.”

Hold the freaking phone. I cannot tell you how many late afternoons we spent chilling out to Thundercats and He-Man with Mikey. That kid loved any superhero with a weapon (he was far less enamored of Voltron, for example) and watching him watch Thundercats was ten times more fun than watching just the show. He would never watch Thundercats sans his Sword of Omens, and he would start grooving to the theme music as soon as it started. Then he would basically throw himself around the room for half an hour, yelling, “Thundercats HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” and reenacting all the action sequences. He considered any sibling in the room to have given silent consent to playing the role of Mumm-Ra, so I would be subject to constant attack the entire time. It was like a workout for your body AND your wits to stay in the room with him.

Click here to watch the original trailer. (And by the way: it never occurred to me until just now, how phallic that Sword of Omens is, which grows as soon as Lion-O pulls it out and starts waving it around. Just saying.) I’m gonna record the whole series– but I’m not watching a second of it until Mikey can come over with his sword and I’m not kidding.

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