Well, This Was Weird.

Maybe I'll come back later and Photoshop Dave's head onto this pic.

I had a vivid, long dream last night that we were having another baby. This is in spite of the fact that we took steps to close that door right after Addie J, our wonderful but unexpected surprise, was born. Even more unusual: Dave was somehow the one pregnant with the baby.

But none of that was even the focus of the dream: in my dream, Dave was concerned that the baby hadn’t been moving around enough, so we went for an ultrasound– not anywhere that would make sense, but at a random hospital which is about 50 miles away from our house. The technician inadvertently told us that we were having a girl (in my dream, as in our lives, we had wanted to wait for the surprise when the baby was born). Dave was really surprised, and I said, “Well, statistically speaking, it IS more common to have three of one gender and 1 of the other when you have four children.”

Like, all reasonable. In the face of all this other random weirdness.

So then I called Dave and told him the dream. He listened quietly and at the end said only, “Maybe you think I need to step up my workouts then.” Again all reasonable, like THAT was the crux of the matter.

I’m gonna get some coffee now.



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