So here’s the thing: myxofibrosarcoma is a nasty, devious, motherfucker of a cancer…. and we will still win. We’re off to make a new plan of attack at the start of this week, so please send all the positive healing energy you can spare.

Meanwhile, my family will be having our traditional Thanksgiving tomorrow, followed by a smaller gathering on Thursday where Dad has already decreed we will have a spiral-cut ham (and by the way I have already called dibs on the ham bone, and seeing that written out compels me to add that I want to make soup with it. And seeing THAT written out compels me to acknowledge how lame it is to call dibs on a ham bone). This week also begins the short but sweet open season for the Thanksgive-wich: my brother Mikey’s creation of all Thanksgiving leftovers crammed between two pieces of bread. Happy hunting, my friends.


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