And Here’s How an Insight About Gabby Led to Tremendous Sympathy for Dave:

JULIE: … So then Gabby was like, “I know it’s early in the morning to be bringing this up so I don’t know how you’re going to take it– but I need a red sweater for the Christmas musical.”

DAVE: [laughs]

JULIE: So I tried to talk her into just getting ready for school and talking about it later– but she just couldn’t. Like, she just HAD to have it worked out right that second. She couldn’t focus on anything until that was settled, you know?

DAVE: I do know.

JULIE: And I had been thinking that she might be able to wear my sparkly red sweater, because it’s kind of short and…

DAVE: Tight.

JULIE: Well, form-fitting. On me. I figured that meant it might look just right on Gabby. So I brought it in, and you know how, for her, it’s either yes or no, immediately, and you’ll never change her mind?

DAVE: Yes, I am very familiar with that.

JULIE: Okay, so I brought it in and… wait a minute. What do you mean by that?

DAVE: What?

JULIE: That you’re “very familiar with that?” Is that me? Do I do that and she gets that from me?

DAVE: Yes. You maybe have a little more grace about it, but you can’t focus on anything else once you get something in your head, and you’re an immediate yes or no as well.

JULIE: Oh my god. This is what it’s like dealing with me?? You must be exhausted.

DAVE: I am a little tired, not gonna lie.

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