I Love Newsletters.

Not even being facetious– I love hearing what my friends and family have been up to over the past year. And I admit that I ALSO love the occasional cracked-out newsletter– you know, the one you get from your former coworker or the parents of that kid who invited your child to their preschool birthday party 5 years ago. I got a newsletter today from someone I love, so it definitely falls into the former category [N.B. that means “people I genuinely like and am not deriding. This is affectionate teasing only”].


Part of the newsletter details their daughter’s newly discovered food allergies. And here’s where I betray my immaturity, because I read the passage, “She doesn’t have a reaction when nuts are in her proximity, so hopefully it’s something she’ll outgrow,” started laughing, and immediately called Jill to read it to her out loud. “Do you have a reaction when nuts are in your proximity?” I asked Jill. “I  mean, doesn’t it depend on the specific nuts and their specific proximity??”

Okay. I now promise to pull it together and stop reading double entendres into every communication, at least through Christmas Day.

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