Cam Update: All is Well.

Thanks for the thoughts and well-wishes. Cam, minus tonsils and adenoids (adenoid? How many adenoids do we have? I thought it was two, but the aftercare info keeps referring to it in the singular and now I’m like, did my baby just have surgery AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY THINGS THEY TOOK OUT???), is ensconced in my bed, sleeping as comfortably as a kid in his situation can sleep. He did well while we waited for surgery to begin, making friends with the nurses and confidently predicting he would, while breathing in the gas to fall asleep, count back from 100 further than his Papa was able to count (Papa’s record: 95). When we were taken back to Recovery to see him, Cammy was pale as a ghost except where there were still faint bloodstains on his little face. “Hi Mom. It hurts,” he rasped. I sat down next to him and he tried to put his head on my shoulder, but I was too far away. So I climbed in with him and he snuggled up. Then he sighed a big sigh and relaxed against me, and I felt tears prick the back of my eyelids.

Then he delivered the line of the day: “Mom,” he croaked. “Yes, buddy?” I asked gently. And the sleepy, whispered answer came back: “Did I beat Papa’s number?”

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