Random Incidents of the Day

1. Cammy is feeling so loved by all the comments and love he has received. It’s very sweet. He’s had several friends stop by today too– thanks Brett, Nick, and Jon- and I am reminded what nice kids Cam hangs out with.

2. His mouth has been too tender to really show me the back of his throat, but he did give me a little peek not long ago. While I was confidently saying, “Oh, Cam, it’s not bad at all!” — internally I was curled into the fetal position, with my hands over my mouth.

3. Have any of you seen Extreme Cheapskates, which is yet another high-quality TLC reality show (oxymoron?)? Let me just say that Dave and I were engaged in a rather passionate discussion of which outrage we would choose: replace our toilet paper with cloth squares that we then wash and reuse (“My philosophy is that anything used to clean up bodily fluids is automatically a disposable item” – Julie), OR to cook and eat a goat’s head. And don’t answer without thinking carefully: this goat’s head was just thrown into a pot and boiled, with its busted-down teeth still in its head and the dude sticking his fork in the eye socket….

I gagged when I watched it and I gagged again just now. I can’t talk about watching this guy eat the goat’s head. I’m just saying: before you answer, REALLY CONSIDER both alternatives. You know I went Goat’s Head because I’m such a raging germophobe, but let me tell you it was a close damn race.

4. Speaking of high-quality reality programming (oxymoron?), I stopped watching hoarding shows because they started feeling like exploitations of people who needed real help. But thanks to a chance viewing of the A&E hoarding show, I’m guiltily watching it again.

5. So far this week we have played million of games of Clue, made our own soap (as past of a craft, not Duggar Family-Style), designed some new fashion with Addie’s new light box set, painted and decorated several crafty items, made Blizzards with our DQ Blizzard Maker and about a zillion other things. And as we left the movie “Chipwrecked” the other day (which is absolutely the worst movie of all time oh my god), Addie J snapped her seat belt into place and said briskly, “Okay. Next activity?”

Off to snuggle with a certain postsurgical little boy who felt great all day but who is definitely starting to head south. But I’ve included a clip of the goat’s head guy, because, really: HE HAD $7.50 HE COULD HAVE BOUGHT A ROTISSERIE CHICKEN THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THIS. (But enjoy!)

Editor’s note: okay, there is just no way to embed this video from any site. The best I can do is to link you to the piece at Huffington Post, which does contain a video.

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