Just a Note:

After a full week of gluttony, I am currently having organic salad greens for lunch. For this I thank my sister Jill, who gave me a huge bag of them yesterday– possibly in an attempt to keep my cholesterol level below 2000.

My kids, though, are lost causes. Cammy and his throat (got another look this morning and almost gouged out my own eyes) are living on Jello; Gabby has been eating baked potatoes splashed with balsamic vinegar yes I’m serious; and Addie J took down the rest of the chocolate babka. I offered each of the girls a salad. Gabby said that her potato would be enough lunch for her– except could she please have some candy from her stocking when she was done, since her “healthy food gut” would be full but her “treat gut” was quite empty. And Addie J kept it real with, “I don’t want to eat salad. I’m eating this delicious chocolate bread!!!”

How soon after Christmas should we all be tested for diabetes?

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