“Guys, we’re headed to Grandma’s house to dye Easter eggs!” I called. “I need everyone to get dressed in something they don’t mind getting stained.”

Addie J came to me, wearing the summer sundress she had put on when she got up at like 6am. It’s an ugly dress, too: pink with tiers of ruffles and horses printed inexplicably all over it. “So don’t wear this?” she said. I debated with myself, but finally decided I didn’t want to deal with the fallout if she ruined that stupid, ugly dress that she loves so much. “Well, if you get egg dye on that dress, will you be sad? Because if you will, then you should change.”

Addie J looked down at herself. “I should put on something I don’t like?” she asked. “I should wear an outfit that I hate, so that I don’t care what happens to it? Okay!!!!! be right back!!!!” And she ran merrily upstairs.

Shortly thereafter, Addie J returned. I did a double take. “What,” is all I could manage; JJ was wearing the freaking brand-new Easter outfit she and I painstakingly picked out just two days ago, down to the SHOES. “I hate this,” she explained helpfully. “I won’t care at all if this gets ruined. Because I want to wear my dress with the horses for Easter.”

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