Happy Easter!!

Overall, we had a lovely day. But my God, without my dad, there is a hole in everything. I just will never get over this in my lifetime.

In other news: please don’t tell my trainer how much candy and how many Slutty Brownies I ate today. What, you ask, are Slutty Brownies? Well: you spread chocolate chip cookie dough in a cake pan. Cover that with a single layer of Oreo cookies. Now pour brownie batter over that and bake the whole mess. I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep… however:  they are the most amazing brownie you will ever eat.

Speaking of which: Easter candy = crystal meth as far as the J is concerned. As is already understood by everyone who has read any previous Candy Holiday posts, this is a case of Third Verse: Same As the First. Everything she says to me somehow ends in a request for candy, even though I have specifically banned any more eating OF ANY KIND for the night:

“Mommy, on that commercial the man needed braces can I eat this jelly bean I found on the floor?”

“Mom, you want to watch me do this dance?…… Now you want to watch me eat my chocolate bunny?”

“Look!! I made myself a mustache and beard out of tape!!” [Pause for my surprised laughter. Chuckle casually and add:] “Heh heh….thanks Mom. Okay… I’m just going to– eat the restofmybasketupstairsseeyoulater!!!!”

Maybe I need to check her into the Betty.


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