Tinfoil Death Match

Okay, so I took out the roll of tinfoil and started to pull out a length, and the roll immediately flew out of the box and landed on the floor.
“Weird– the roll was in upside-down,” I said.

“What do you mean?” asked my handsome and brilliant husband.

“Well, the roll was put in so that the foil came out the top instead of out the bottom, so naturally when I pulled on it, the whole roll came out.”


“Dave?” I said, “Did you seriously flip over the roll of foil?”

Suddenly Dave became Carl Sagan: “Well, see, the roll actually should be that way. When it comes out the bottom, it can get hung up on things. Whereas when it comes off the top, you get a much smoother pull.”

“Hung up on what?” I said. “There’s nothing in there but the foil. Besides, when I tried to pull it out, you saw what happened: it fell out of the box. Seriously: did you try to engineer how the tinfoil comes out of the box?!?”

Dave insists that the foil is supposed to come out the top. And because he’s an extra-loony lunatic, we’re now in a silent death match over how the tinfoil rolls out: so far I’ve secretly switched it back twice, yet when I tried to cover my casserole this evening, the roll flew out of the box because he had managed to switch it anyway. But even though the kids wondered why I was dying laughing, I can’t tell anyone that he got me. I must get him back somehow. Because practical jokes are the cornerstone of our relationship.

In the meantime: seriously. The tinfoil should come out the bottom.

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