Birthdays, Hard Questions, and Burritos

Our family has 2 very important birthdays today: my niece Olivia is now 10, which is a very important birthday, and my punk-ass little brother Mikey set a match to his twenties this morning too!!! Happy birthday, Libbie– I love you! And happy birthday, Mikey– I TOTALLY love you for planning a Cubs rooftop party!!! I cannot WAIT for the Giampaolos to take that place over tomorrow in your honor.

Also, an update on Addie J: she was fine at school yesterday, but came home to ask additional questions like, “When we left the funeral home, why didn’t we take Papa home with us? Why did he have to stay there by himself?” as well as, “Why did he leave his body? Why didn’t he stay and get all the cancer out?” She also demanded that we watch Papa’s slide show over and over while she sat in my lap with a Taggie, singing the songs softly under her breath.

I may have mentioned here that Gabby likes to have eggs and toast for breakfast? (Or maybe I haven’t. That’s not really
that fascinating.) Well, I changed it up and started wrapping her egg in a tortilla and adding salsa. This has completely changed their opinion of me, from someone to be pitied for her disgusting food (sample from last night: Addie J thanked me politely for dinner and then said, “But can you not give me this any more this week? Or next week? Or can you never make this again? Because it’s mean to give this to kids.”) to a fabulous chef of great creativity and finesse. They literally think I invented the breafast burrito and they’re all over it. Today Addie requested “An egg in a tortilla with salsa. But no egg. And some turkey. And cheese instead of salsa.” And proceeded to call that her egg burrito, as in “Mama made me the most delicious egg burrito, Gabs! Want to try it?”

I’ll take what I can get.

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