My Mom Is Officially On My List.

“Gabby!!” I said. “Will you PLEASE put your books into your backpack, instead of just stacking it all on top?”

“Okay,” she said.

“Thank you,” I answered. “That drives me insaaaaaaaane. Now, let’s get you to Irish Dance.” On the way there, Gabby asked me if I ever did anything to annoy my own mother. “I guess you’ll have to call and ask her,” I answered; so that’s just what she did. Gabby borrowed my cell phone, called my mom, and said, “Grandma, what did my mom do when she was a kid that was annoying?”

Then she listened, and listened, and listened. At leangth she said, “Okay, thanks Grandma, I just wanted to know,” laughed at something Mom said, and hung up the phone. Then, with twinkling eyes, she told me, “Wow– Grandma really had a lot to say on that subject.”

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