Ways You All Keep Me Humble #126:

I mentioned last week, that I was headed to a rooftop Cubs game over the weekend. One of my readers, Pat, emailed me that he would be at a rooftop party the same time. Turned out we were at different addresses, and we wished each other well and that was that. Then, as our group took over a bar after the game, I suddenly heard my name in the form of a question: “….Julie??” I turned around and said, “….Pat? Pat!! Hello!” I slid off my stool to greet him.

And Pat said, “Whoa– I didn’t know you were going to be so small!!”

There you have it: larger than life on screen? Maybe. Larger than life in person? Sadly, not so much. 🙂 Pat, it was great to meet you, your brother and your friends. Thanks for reading!!

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