Wait! I forgot something!

But I’m only telling you so that you understand the level of my obsession. This afternoon, I went back to the kids’ boutique to pick up a second Taggie for Addison– this is a Taggie:


I bought Addie J one a few months ago, when the little Gap blankie with attached bear head was A. getting really gross from her sucking on the tag, and B. falling apart since it was spot clean only and I had been tossing it in the wash. She loooooves the Taggie, so I went back to buy her a spare. (For those who are really nosy, she now has the Bouquet and the Hugs patterns, and now that I’ve seen the website and know that they can be personalized, I’m sending in the new one to be personalized because I am that insane.) Okay, so while we were there I discovered that they have a new version of the chocolate and pink crocheted hat: it’s a violet color with dark violet and cream flowers crocheted onto the front. My sister tried it on Addison and she looked for all the world like a teeny tiny flapper, plus she was grinning to beat the band. Then the shop owner (Kristin– we are now on a first-name basis) said, “Oh– do you have a winter coat for her yet? Because I have some lavender suede trenchcoat styles coming in. They’re pricey but they’re worth it.”

Addison so does not need a lavender suede coat…… but someone has to stop me because I bought the hat.

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