Jacket Allergy, Take 2:

Cam’s soccer games take place on a field with absolutely no protection from the elements. It’s like a windswept tundra this time of year; he played his first game yesterday evening and we FROZE: I wore Cuddle Dudz and jeans, an UnderArmour warmth shirt under a fleece hoodie under a lined jacket, and a fleece-lined hat and gloves. I then held Gabby on my lap with a fleece blanket…. and Gabby said to me, “Mom, I can feel your legs shaking,” because I was STILL so cold. (To be fair, it may have been muscle fatigue from holding myself in the exact correct position to block as much wind from Gabby as possible, while holding my hands over her ears because her hat wasn’t keeping them warm enough.) That is how freezing cold it gets when you’re sitting out there in the field.

This morning is another soccer game, with the added fun that it’s wet and cold, not just cold. I told the kids to get dressed in layers just like yesterday and then checked them all out when they were done. Gabby is currently sitting at the kitchen table in a deep funk, because her outfit of fleece pants, a long-sleeved cotton tshirt, and hoodie was judged insufficient. Even when she pointed out that her hoodie had thumb holes. And just to remind you: SHE WAS THERE LAST NIGHT!!! SHE KNOWS HOW FREAKING FREEZING IT WILL BE! HOW DOES THIS NOT TRANSLATE TO OUTFIT CHOICE?! HOW?!?!?!!?!?

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