The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

This morning I was waiting for a man and his daughter to use the crosswalk. She was about the same age as Addie J, skipping happily along in a purple tracksuit; meanwhile her dad walked behind her, carrying a small pink bike. I smiled, because I’ve been there 1,000 times. It’s like Lucy and the football, the way Addie convinces me to let her ride her scooter somewhere. “I won’t carry it for you,” I say. “I know, Mommy. I will ride it,” she says, every time, with total seriousness. Aaaaaaaand we get ten or fifteen minutes away and she can’t ride anymore, and there I am, flat on my back once again while Addie J holds the football just out of my reach.

But it made me smile because when I do finally acquiesce and pick up the scooter, the J will skip happily along in front of me, just like this morning’s little girl did. Not a care. And I thought to myself, for the millionth time, how happy I am that she came into our lives.

This afternoon she came home from school shouting, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!” and insisted on giving me my gift early: some notecards that say “A Note From ____________” at the top, each of which Addie has carefully filled in with her own name; a travel mug with a paper label colored by the J; and a certificate proclaiming me World’s Best Mom which says the best thing about me is that I “give Addie hugs.” Each gift was ripped from its packaging by JJ and held directly in front of my eyeballs, while she shouted things like, “WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THIS!!!” and “YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THIS PRESENT!!!! IT’S A COFFEE MUG!!!!”

Later she came to me and asked, “When you decided to marry Daddy, what did Grandma say?” I was trying to download a custom textbook for class (whooooooole other post) and I absently replied, “…..What?” Addie leaned against the fridge, eating a frozen Go-Gurt. She repeated her question and then said, “Hard question, huh? I like hard questions. Hard questions have good answers.” Then she walked away, tripped over some microscopic particles, and just stayed where she fell, lazily finishing her Go-Gurt and watching the end of Rio from her position on the kitchen floor.

Happy Mother’s Day, for sure.

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