She’s Got Me There.

GABBY: Mom!!!!

JULIE: What??

GABBY [shocked tone]: You didn’t put Irish Dance National Championships on the calendar!!!

JULIE: Oh. Well, I might not feel like going that day.

GABBY: Yes you will. Or Daddy will.

JULIE: Daddy might not either. You might have to take the bus.

GABBY: Mom, I know you’re coming.

JULIE: Whatever horse you want to bet on, Gabs.

GABBY: ….. That doesn’t make any sense….

JULIE: [laughing]

GABBY: ….. but I know you’re coming, even if you don’t want to come. Which I know you DO want to come. But even if you didn’t want to come, I know you would come.

JULIE: Hardly. I don’t do anything I don’t feel like doing.

GABBY: That’s not true. Remember yesterday when we went looking for tadpoles? When we found that huge tree branch that was too big for one of us to carry, so you carried it? Plus you had Addie J on your back?

JULIE: Yes. I definitely remember that.

GABBY: I know you didn’t want to do that. Because who would??




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