So I ripped off half my toenail today.

WARNING: this is graphic and gross.

I got up late this morning. I had an appointment with a client, waaaaaay north of me. I called her to confirm before I left, to be told that she was out of the office. Fine. I called my office to find out that our technician had an emergency call and the office was currently empty.

Grrr….. so I drove to the office. I worked like crazy until about 2pm, when some clients came in to pick up gear that we had brought in for them. Normally I would have the techs or the warehouse guy do it, but again: in the office alone. So I went to the back, and just as my technician waltzed in, I rolled a pallet jack over my left big toe (of course: I was wearing flip-flops).

Immediate horrificness. My toe was smashed. My toenail was ripped off, from the center clear to the left side. Since I am a complete baby I almost had an apoplexy right then and told the tech, “You have to take care of these clients. I just destroyed my toe.” I limped back to my desk, called Dave for some sympathy. When he answered, just his calm mellow voice made me start to cry. (Okay, maybe also the fact the my toenail was ripped off.) He told me to go to the ER, but I didn’t feel like I had broken anything. On further examination I noticed that there was a metal splinter from the jack, embedded in my raw toenail bed. So I drove to my doc’s office and had him deal with the whole mess. By this point, I was done crying and was now cursing the fact that I was back there, messing around with a pallet jack to begin with.

Now my toe is wrapped up like a mummy. My kids have stepped on it 6,000 times and Dave has jabbed it with his elbow once. The toe itself is totally sore from being smashed and I can’t explain to you about the raw toenail bed unless I’m standing in front of you, where I can kick you in the crotch to illustrate. WHY did I volunteer to grab their stupid gear?!!?

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