Dinner by Design, my teensy tot, and Valtrex.

Oh my God, I am a total convert to Dinners by Design, and I have been there one time.  You know how, every night, you try to come up with some freaking dinner that one person at the table will actually eat?  Well, probably no one will eat these dinners either but, since you make them ahead of time, there’s no late-afternoon dithering about what to make.  Genius!!!

So to celebrate my new time-saver, as well as the fact that my 12-month-old baby is healthy although tiny at 17 pounds, I naturally bought her a chocolate-colored trenchcoat. Before you roll your eyes at me, I got it at Target for like $16 and it’s completely adorable AND necessary. She’ll need a jacket this fall, won’t she? I bought an 18m, but she’s just swimming in it, so I may have to return it for the 12m. I really don’t think she’ll grow into it by the fall.

Okay, then as I was standing at the counter buying the coat, my phone rang. My sister said, “What is Valtrex for?” “Herpes,” I answered, earning a curious glance from the cashier. “Haven’t you seen those commercials?” Turns out that my sister’s dentist prescribed her Valtrex to get rid of a horrible canker sore, and now she’s afraid to fill it for fear that her pharmacist will think she’s got a chancre. I seriously cannot stop laughing at this. (And at the same time…. I don’t know if I could fill it either. )

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