I love my husband but he is crazy.

If you were having a party, would any of these chores be on your list the morning of the party??

1. Meticulously clean out the kids’ art table and art supplies
2. File old tax paperwork.
3. Take apart vacuum cleaner and clean out hose.
4. Even though we are having catered sub sandwiches, drive to the spice shop to purchase refill spices for the grill’s spice shakers.
5. Take all laundry, including sheets, downstairs and spend 1/2 hour sorting. Do not replace any of the sheets.

He truly believed all of these things were necessary for the party, by the way. And because he then had to tackle the other chores I had assigned him- namely, organize the office, the kitchen desk and clean the floors– he didn’t get into the shower until after our first guest had arrived. Which is standard Dave behavior. God, I love him but I will never follow the man’s reasoning. And he’s so CHIPPER while doing these chores!!!! He LOVES getting the house ready for a party. One time he got ready for a party by painting Cameron’s closet walls. Another time he helped get the house ready by washing the cars.

Oh well. Addie J had a blast at her party. And the art table looks like a work of art.

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