One year ago today....

Dave and I went out for our anniversary in October 2005, and over a bottle of wine, we decided to table indefinitely the discussion of whether to have a third child.  The next day, I was in a CVS, passed the rack of pregnancy tests, and thought to myself, “Hey– when DID I last have my period??”  We had a rocky start to this pregnancy, though; we lost a twin early on, and since we didn’t know it was twins, we thought everything was all over.  A week or so later, tired of still having symptoms,  I finally went to see my OB and to my surprise and relief, we saw a brave little heartbeat flashing on the screen.

On June 22, 2006– 4 days past my due date– I started having hard contractions at about 5am.  Cam and Gabby stood solemnly in front of me and stared at me through every contraction until I sent them to my mom’s house.  At lunchtime, Dave and I went to Chili’s; next time you’re having a long-ass labor, you might try going to Chili’s and see how badly you can freak out your waitress.  We made it to the hospital at about 5:00, and my surprise baby girl, Addison Julia, was born at 6:04pm, weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz and 19.5″ long.  The moment she was born I knew that she was the missing piece and that our family was complete.

Before I had Addison, I thought that I didn’t like the newborn stage.  Addison taught me that some babies aren’t fussy– some babies truly are just bundles of joy.  She grew into a gorgeous baby with an irresistible toothless grin (even now, she only has 1 tooth!) and a determination to explore. She is mellow and sweet, likes to hug us when we pick her up and gives wonderful, sloppy, openmouthed kisses.  She loves yogurt but hates spinach.  She thinks she is a big deal, and should have whatever her siblings have.  Watching her grow has been one of the greatest joys our family has had together, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Happy birthday, Addie J. You are the best surprise of my life. I love you!!!

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