Confessions of a kids' couture junkie....

I was at this stupid expensive kids’ clothing boutique yesterday, buying Addie’s birthday party outfit (translation: excuse to buy adorable/expensive/ useless clothing that she will only allow on her person for an hour tops). It’s a little halter dress in hot pink, orange and chocolate retro flower, with a big pink flower applique on the front (only “applique” is too weak a word for something this serious). Also a little pair of bloomers (sold separately– as if ) and a hair pretty that just happened to match.  Then, because I am not well, I spent another small fortune on these must-have pants for Cam and a super-cute shirt for Gabs. 

Later, Dave asked to see the birthday outfit and noticed more stuff in the bag.  “Oh, it’s just some stuff for the other two,” I said, trying vainly to seem casual. Dave was not fooled. “Did you seriously buy stuff for Miss Tomato Stains and Mr. Holes in the Knees at that boutique?!?” he said, laughing. “I give those outfits one week before they totally eff them up. You are a crazy person.”

And here’s the thing: I agree with him. There is no reason on this earth to buy couture for your children……. I just can’t help myself!!!!!  Is there a support group for this?  Because there is a pink t-shirt with a girly skull in Gabby’s size, and I can hear it calling my name even now. Also a pink-and-brown cashmere blanket which Addison would get boogers on.  Someone save me from myself…

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