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[UPDATE: the link to the article is fixed. Thanks, Wendy.]

When I posted this entry last week– wherein I suggested that it is in poor taste to criticize those parents whose children were at the movie theatre during the Colorado shooting– my blog received more than three times its usual number of hits for a Friday. One of those readers sent me a link to this article, which discusses the same phenomenon, and posits a few potential reasons for it. I was very interested to read that– perhaps– those parents whose kneejerk reaction was to question the parents’ decision-making were, in fact, trying to convince themselves that this could never happen to them. Jacoba Urist thinks that some people reacted poorly for the same reason that people get out of their cars after a fender-bender and start screaming at each other about whose fault it was. What they really mean is, “That scared me!!” As my forever-intuitive husband says, “Sometimes, people spend a lot of energy criticizing others about things they fear for themselves.” And so I am reminded that, maybe, what those people were really saying wasn’t, “It’s the parents’ fault!” but rather, “That scares me!”

All the same: within that article, there is also a link to this article by Heather Spohr, which sums it up really well: “The families and parents will be reliving this day for the rest of their lives. Do what you can to make it better, not worse.” I couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to Jen for the link.

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    • wendy

      The middle link is broken – the one linking to the article your reader sent. Can you check it?

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