Yippee!!!!! And, crap.

They poured the new patio this morning!!!!! Since we intended to put our handprints in it, we all hung around waiting. Which meant basically that we stood in the yard and stared at the workers. We got the workers some donuts and coffee, which they then had to share with the kids– one of them took a huge bite of a pink-frosted donut just as Gabby was saying, “Do you think I could have the pink do–………….ohhhhh.” But they were very patient with the kids– Dave included– who were milling around dangerously close despite my best efforts to control them– Dave included. Now I am sooooo excited!! (And apparently, soooo geeky!!)

Now for the “dammit!” moment: we started putting our handprints in it, and the kids’ hands are so small that we had to press really hard on their hands. Addie J took it like a champ, while her siblings acted like we were torturing them to find out the names of the other Salem witches. Then we started stamping our names in it with these little letter stamps I bought, each of which had letters on both sides to make it more complicated. Plus they quickly got all mucky, making them hard to read. PLUS the concrete was quickly drying. PLUS Dave was acting a little bit like he was in a race to the death, stamping letters at top speed and frenziedly muttering things like, “The A…. the A….. what happened to the A?!?!?!!” which put me into a bit of a panic. Which explains why I stamped the “D” of Dave’s name upside-down. So it looks like I’m married to “Cave” instead of Dave.”

He’s actually taking it pretty well. Especially since, as I took great pains to explain to him, it’s really his fault for the reasons stated above.

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