Too old?

So my sister bought me a miniskirt for my birthday. I wore it today, and all day I kept thinking about the road sign on “What Not to Wear” that says, “No Miniskirts after 35.” Then it reminded me that a girl I knew in high school, who had a pear shape, used to wear these skin-tight miniskirts. One day she slipped on some wet stairs and skidded down a few steps on her butt, rucking the super-tight skirt all the way up to her waist. Then she had to work to pull it back down again, standing in the middle of the hall. I had tremendous sympathy for her but it also served as an excellent lesson for me in terms of properly fitting clothes, and to this day when I’m wondering if something is too tight, I think about this girl and her skirts. As my dad said, if you want to look like a sausage, then feel free to wear a casing.

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