Spiders, not staph....

So Gabby woke up with her eye swollen shut on Sunday. (Doesn’t this stuff always happen when your doctor’s office is closed?) We took her to an Urgent Care facility where the doctor, whom we’ll call Dr. Doom, diagnosed Gabby with periorbital cellulitis. Evidently this is like having eyeball plague. He gave us all sorts of awful scenarios, like the bacteria invading her brain or Gabby losing her eye, and then wrote us a prescription for antibiotics, told us to take her to the ER if it got any worse, and sent us home to freak out and obsess. Well– I obsessed; Dave cut the grass and told me Dr. Doom was insaaaaaane and had bad taste in shoes.

In the morning, our pediatrician took one look and found a pair of puncture marks. So it was a spider bite, NOT periorbital cellulitis!!!! What a relief (I cannot believe I’m saying that about a spider bite to the eye, by the way). Due to the extreme reaction Gabby had, she sent us to have an insect bite expert look at it. The expert said maybe wolf spider, which makes me want to build a 50-foot tower of sterile dressings and live at the top for the rest of my life.

SO glad she doesn’t have PC because those are some wacked-out, hellacious images on Google.

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