I am a terrible, terrible person.

This past Easter, Dave gave me this really cute keychain. It has 3 bead stringers dangling from the ring, one for each kid. They spell out the kids’ names, are spaced with beads of their birthstone colors, and have cute charms on the ends. When I opened it, I said, “I LOVE it!!! Thank God it isn’t one of those stupid ‘Mommy bracelets!” ” And you guessed it: when Dave ordered the key chain, he also ordered me a Mommy bracelet. He actually had the bracelet in his pocket when I said it. So he gave me the bracelet yesterday morning because what else was he to do– return it?? And I immediately felt like the biggest jackass on the planet. The man thinks of a really great gift (the keychain) and then thinks of a gift to go with it, all on his own. Finds places to get both, orders them, plans for when he will give them to me. And I ruin the bracelet forever by dissing it before I even saw it.

I said, “Oh my God I am so sorry. I am a complete jerk. Thank you. I love it.” Dave goes, “You really don’t love it, though, do you?” to which I responded, “I do now!!” He’s not really hurt, and since I made such a big deal out of it he’s really enjojyed the whole thing, I think.

I really don’t like it that much. And I will never take it off.

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