Creepy update...

Last night, for the third night in a row– you guessed it. I picked up my water glass in my sleep and set it on my chest. Fortunately last night, as the night before, I woke up as I was setting it on my chest and before I spilled it all over. But WHAT is going ON.

Oh, and by the way Cameron asked me if he could draw a tattoo on himself, and without looking I said yes. About 20 minutes later an immensely happy Cameron stood grinning in front of me, covered in tattoos literally from head to toe, with the crowning glory a dragon on his face. “Where did you get the markers, Cam?” I said, whereupon he proudly held out my Sharpies.

That’s right. Permanent marker. Last night’s bath didn’t even budge it. I am now the mother of The Painted Man.

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