Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

That’s what my kids have. AWESOME. And I have oh-so-many final exams to grade by Friday.

So last night was a particularly tough night for Gabby and she spent most of the night flailing around with me in a headlock, trying to fall asleep. She also kept waking up to sob incoherently– you know how they do when it’s 2:30am and they’re sick?– or ask for water. So at some point she finally fell deeply asleep and so did I. At which point, in my sleep, I apparently picked up my full water glass WITH lemon slice and set it on my chest. Whereupon it promptly tipped over and doused us both. Now you would think that this would be the last straw, right? Wrong! Apparently a little cold-water dousing is very calming to a sick 3-year-old, because she settled down pretty quickly and waited patiently for me to stumble around, replacing sheets and nightgowns. Then, before we went back to sleep, she told me, “Mommy, it’s okay if you want to dump A LITTLE water on me, but you dumped too much this time.” I said, “Okay, Gabs. Next time I’ll only dump a little water.”

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