Merry Christmas!

I took this photo at the exact instant when Dave became overwhelmed by the sheer effort it takes to remove a Barbie from its packaging. I keep pulling it back up and laughing out loud.

We are midway through our holiday celebrations, and so far all systems are go. Some highlights:

  • Here’s an extra-fun Christmas outing: my friend Georgee and I went out the other night to see Pippin done Bollywood style. It was EXACTLY what you think that would be like.
  • My mother-in-law, Kathy, gave robes to all the kids this year. This morning they are all tooling around the house in them; Cam in particular looks like Hugh Hefner.
  • Gabby received a (pretty damn nice) camera from her grandparents, and subsequently lost her mind. Thank God it’s not connected to Instagram, because she’s taken about a zillion terrible photos of me in the past several hours.
  • Addie J has new Taggies and is obsessed with the Mariah Carey-Justin Bieber Christmas song. The cute factor here is just ludicrous.
  • Guinness has no clue what’s up– all he knows is that it’s really super-fun when the kids are on overload.
  • I miss my dad so much. I was telling George the other night that, although I’m getting more accustomed to Dad’s absence, it’s not getting any easier. I’ve been a little ambivalent about the holiday all month, in fact– last year Dad did really well on Christmas Day and we were all so glad, never dreaming that we had only days left with him. It’s just not getting any easier and that’s the plain truth of it.
  • Have I mentioned that I have a bachelorette party coming up very soon?…. Because I do. Last time I went to a bachelorette party, the “What happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville” rule was invoked, and these are some of the same women– so we shall see who keeps it together and who gets arrested.

I’ll try to give you some kind of update tomorrow, but no promises. You know I’m a total holiday slacker. Have a Merry Christmas, and when you toast, make sure you toast one to my dad.

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