Post Christmas Important Facts

A rare moment of calm on the otherwise loud and crazy Christmas morning, with my niece Cait and sister-in-law Erin. And Bloody Marys.

1. Santa gave Cameron his long-desired (and long-refused) cell phone. And, because Santa’s own cellular contract was up and her husband did an amazing job negotiating for her new iPhone 5 plus bundled lines, Cameron got an iPhone too. It literally did not matter what else he got for Christmas; this dream come true has been all Cam has cared about.

2. My big gift this year was my iPad, so I wasn’t expecting tons of other stuff. I was shockingly surprised with a great haul; I got the snuggliest zip-up hoodie in an amazing shade of mango, and truly I would live in it. Now that I’ve brought it up, in fact, I think I’ll go put it on.

3. ….Okay, I’m back. While I was upstairs I remembered that I also got these great cowboy boots, which…… I’m just gonna have to go back to Nashville in these. It’s really the only way to do them justice.

4. With this holiday, we have also passed the milestone of spending the last big holiday without Dad. As usual, his absence was palpable during the entire holiday. I wonder when the time will come that I will be accustomed to this, and also the thought of being accustomed to a life without Dad makes me so sad. Still, nearly a year later, I so actively do not want this.

5.  Yesterday we moved the girls’ rooms around. During a project like this, Dave and I invariably run into trouble because we are each confident that we know precisely the best way to do it– and our ways rarely converge. At about 2pm, I left the basement (where Dave and I had been engaged in a carefully spoken discussion of where to store some furniture) in order to avoid a divorce…. later, I was telling someone about it and Dave chimed in: “It’s true. That’s why we’re still married- because she left the basement when she did.”

6. Speaking of Dave: he has spent hours this week, recovering my mother’s email messages for her through the dual challenges of a dead hard drive and a new operating system which does not communicate with her old one. He’s a good guy.

Over the past few days I have been having discussions about baby names. I have heard no less than three brand-new, confirmed names which caused me to stop talking and just try to process it, mouth hanging open. And, you know: these are the names of actual people in this world. Human beings are going to have to navigate their lives, function in the world, answer their business lines with these anchors around their necks. I’m working on a little diatribe about this and I hope to have it ready for you soon. For now, though: I need to go to the dentist, we need to go see Les Miserables (have I mentioned to you that I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!), there are board games to play, etc. I’d apologize for the lack of posting this week, but you knew I was going to be scarce, right?

See you soon!!!

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