Friendship and the Zombie Apocalypse

To be clear: Ann is wearing a bridesmaid dress in this photo.. but it is NOT the bridesmaid dress from my dream.

I had a long and random dream last night, in which my family and I were trapped– with thousands of other people– in a massive shopping center/casino during a zombie apocalypse (I think it was Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, by the way- it even had an airport shuttle). All the zombies were outside and we were safe inside…..But because of the confusion and panic, we got separated from Gabby, who went out into the apocalypse to find us. By this time I was separated from Dave, Addie and Cam as well, so there was only me to go outside and find her. And my friend Ann (who was wearing a HIDEOUS bridesmaid dress) volunteered to go out there with me.

The takeaway here is that, apparently, my subconscious believes that Ann K would never let me face a sea of zombies alone. I’m going to start using this as the measure of all my friendships from here on out: “Well….. she’s nice and all– but I doubt she’d leave Caesar’s Palace to find my daughter amid the zombie apocalypse with me, you know?”

Yes. This makes perfect sense.

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