Baby bliss

Last night, about 10:00, right after we finished watching our DVR’ed episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Addison woke up to nurse. She’s been gradually sleeping longer and longer at night, and this would be the last time I’d see her before morning, as it turned out. So I brought her in my bed to feed her. Her little eyes were closed as she nursed. One hand was gripping my pajama top, making sure I wasn’t going anywhere, and with her other arm she was tracing lazy, slow circles in the air. Occasionally, that arm would stop to clumsily pat my cheek, and as she fell back asleep, she rested that hand on mine. Finally, she pulled away, but instead of rolling onto her back as she usually does, she stayed cuddled up to me, doing that sleeping-baby sucking thing that is so cute you can’t stand it. I snuggled up closer to her and kissed her head, smelling that just-out-of-the-tub baby hair. And when I did, honest to God, she smiled in her sleep.

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