Not Kidding.

Jill gave us an adorable white lace tunic for the girls, and Addie J wanted to wear it to school today. She got up a little late, so as is our rule, I picked out her clothes. I really didn’t feel like battling over outfits this morning, so I went with the lace top I knew she would want, and some jeggings.


She wants to wear the tunic– which barely comes to her thighs– as a dress. Her compromise was to come out of her room wearing it over sheer white tights. I had to pull rank to get her to put on some pants, and now she’s sullenly eating English muffins and strawberries, her facial expression┬áset to “Mom Sucks.” I said, “You actually look adorable. If you think that doesn’t match, you’re wrong.” And she replied, “No- you’re wrong.”

And a second later, mouth full of English muffin, she muttered to the dog, “I’m not kidding.”

For the record: she does look ridiculously cute, the little ingrate.

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