Easter Egg Dying. That’s not a Misspelling.

scary bunny

“The power of Christ compels you!”

The kids and I are shortly off to my mother’s for our annual Massive Easter Egg Dyeing Session. This will involve at least 96 eggs in various states of cooked; 23 individual mugs of egg dye (and never enough mugs of blue); several adults trying unsuccessfully to make the egg dye extras work–  for example, the egg sleeves or the egg stamps; at least three dye spills, a minimum of one of which will be caused by the J; and not nearly enough Bloody Marys. And as you know, I am not a fan of Easter to begin with.

So, in honor of my annual Easter crabbiness, I’m bringing mimosas to my mom’s house for the grownups. And, for those of you who won’t be at my mom’s house, I give you this hysterical link to photos of terrifying Easter Bunnies from the void between rational worlds. I’ve seen this link flying around Facebook this morning, too– so if you’ve already seen it: my favorite is the last one on page 3. Enjoy!

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