Can you stand one more Gabby story?

We were going to Target yesterday and Gabby wanted to wear her lavender gloves. Problem was, we could only find one lavender glove. Dave tried to talk her into wearing the pink gloves, then into wearing one lavender and one pink. All of these options were greeted with extreme disdain, and finally Dave told her she would just have to wear only one glove to Target. “Get in the car, Michael Jackson,” he told her as she protested, “But DADDY– I NEED TWO PURPLE GLOVES….”

As we were strapping in the kids, Dave said, “For crying out loud, Gabby…” I looked over to see that she had solved her glove problem. On her left hand was a lavender glove; on her right was a lavender slipper– a scuff, with maribou trim and the word “Love” on it in retro glitter font. And she was dead serious. She looked back at me, very calmly, and said, “See? Now I have 2 purple gloves. Tell Daddy.”

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