Spa Services, and Another Thing


You want to be me, but you can’t be me. (Also please note the trend-setting dried nail polish on my palm.)

I spent the morning in Addie J’s classroom, at their Mother’s Day Spa. Addie has been vibrating with excitement for weeks, so needless to say it was extremely fun. She made me all kinds of pictures and crafts, and a little book listing all the things she loves about me (examples: “My mom smells like A PRINSES” and “I really appreciate when you BY ME THINGS“).  I also had a snack and was treated to spa services– see the pic of my manicure on the left. I mean, it is physically impossible to have a bad day once your 6-year-old daughter has pulled your hair to the point of snatching you bald-headed, stuck the lip gloss in your eye twice, and then sat in your lap and read you a book.

And on a slightly different note: I said to one of my children this morning: “Hey– why isn’t there any underwear in your hamper?” and the person in question replied with a sigh, “I stopped wearing it. It’s too much for me.”

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