It’s an Addie J Trifecta…

She is killing it today.

We were sitting down to eat dinner when Addie J’s friend came to the door. “I’ll send her over in about twenty minutes,” I promised. Then we sat down to eat; incidentally, Gabby had a contest with herself to see how much food she could fit in her mouth (almost half of a veggie soft taco, no lettuce). The J came to the table and briefly cogitated: she loves taco night, but she wanted to go out and play. I watched her look over the toppings and calculate how quickly she could eat them. Then Cam asked me a (hilarious) question and I got distracted.

“Addie J,” interrupted Dave. “You have to sit down and eat dinner before you do anything else.” I looked over to see the J, prancing around the kitchen. “Dad, don’t worry,” she replied. “I’m going to finish this and then go play outside.”  It makes Dave insaaaane when the kids don’t eat their dinners, which they all well know. So Addie held out her hand to show Dave her food. “See?”

“Addie, you are eating an empty tortilla!” Dave said with a touch of exasperation.

And the J replied, in a tone normally used on mental patients and angry toddlers, “I said, I won’t go outside after I eat it.”


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