Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary! What are we doing, you ask? Well…. Dave has class tonight. So last Friday we had a date, and this weekend we have another minidate (although the kids will be along on that one). I have to be in the office this morning, so I left him a lovey note on the message board in the kitchen. And when I get home early this afternoon, I’ll bring him a pumpkin latte and make him a steak dinner. That, and our date last Friday, is all he’s getting from me this year– we have a 3-month-old baby and we are crazy busy, so we previously agreed to make it very low-pressure this year. I know he’s got something cute planned for me, and I so hope he is following my lead and going low-key. I hate it when he one-ups me on special occasions…..

D*mn it. I’m going to have to stop at the Irish shop on my way home and get him a Guinness jersey or something. I just know that if I walk in with nothing but a latte, he’ll have something awesome for me.

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