It’s a Dog Bed. A DOG Bed.

My mother-in-law, Kathy, is very talented with her sewing machine and has made us many cool items over time– from a beautiful quilt for me, with the kids’ photos printed on the fabric, to a comforter for Cam’s bed, to a mustache-print skirt for the J. She has made Gabby not one but two banners for her Irish dance medals (because Gabby ran out of room on the first one, the little hotshot). And not long ago she asked me if Guinness had a dog bed. “Umm…. he has a crate, with a packing blanket folded up inside,” I said. “But I’m sure he would love a dog bed that we could put in the family room.” Last week she sent me a tracking number and strict instructions not to open the box with a sharp implement. And when it arrived, this was the reacti0n from all concerned:

dog bed

Look at Guinness’ face. He’s already concerned about overcrowding.

Right? All four of them loved it; Kathy made a removable cover which has two sides: the paw-print fleece you see here, and the other side is a mustache-print cotton twill, to keep Guinney cool on summer days. Genius.

….So genius, in fact, that the kids (JJ in particular) are having trouble keeping themselves off the thing. Our family room is pretty large, and I placed the bed in a far corner of the room– thinking it would be well out of the way but still get the direct sunlight Guinness loves. About .08 seconds later I turned around to find the dog bed relocated to directly in front of the television. Each kid was using one corner as a pillow, while Guinness sort of curled up alongside, looking at me: “WTF, man?” he asked with his eyes. “Hey!” I  said. “That belongs to the dog!”

I would repeat this exact performance many times over the weekend. Most spectacularly, last night I entered the room to find Guinness curled up rather resentfully on a carefully folded fleece blanket (which I had just washed that afternoon). The dog bed was arranged perpendicular to the tv. Addie J lay on the dog bed, with a throw pillow under her head, covered with a second blanket. She looked extremely comfortable and happy as a clam.

Don’t worry, Guinness. I may have lost several battles this weekend– but I am determined to win the war.

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