Being Adorable Goes a Long Way.

Addie J’s class is putting together the most adorable project: they were each assigned a historical figure to research. They each wrote a speech in the first person, put together costumes and props, and will be creating a “museum” of historical figures for the parents to come and see. Addie J was assigned to research Helen Keller, and she’s been diligently practicing.

Helen Keller, in case you didn’t know, died in 1968. She traveled around the world by plane, she lived in a completely modern home, she even appeared in several films as herself– so she wasn’t exactly Laura Ingalls, living in a little house on the prairie. However Addie J has chosen as her Helen Keller costume a floor-length dress-up dress which looks vaguely colonial, along with my running sunglasses over her “blind” eyes. She’s so excited to wear this outfit that she originally planned to wear a leotard to school (“for easy changing, Mom”), and has spent the past ten minutes walking around with her eyes closed, bumping into crap and ignoring everything I say because Helen Keller can’t hear. She’s so happy and proud and excited that I don’t have the heart to change one thing that she’s put together. When Cammy left the house this morning, he said, “Mom. Are you going to let her go to school like this?”

I’m 100% positive she’s going to get away with this whole thing, purely on cuteness factor.

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