The girls got hair chalk kits from the Easter Bunny. Holy Hell. We all thought it was going to be a super-fun, super-effective experience. Why didn’t anyone tell me how wrong I was? Don’t I have any friends at all? We totally thought we were going to get this:

As if.

As if.


The aftermath is that my bathroom looks like a murder scene, due to the many, many times I dropped the red chalk. Based on the indelible red chalk on, around, and under my nails, I am the murderer. Addie J’s hair took the color pretty well. Then she went to bed, and her pillow– with the $50 allergen-proof pillow encasing, which carries intricate warranty-voiding washing instructions and which is now alllll hair chalky– these all also took the color extremely well. Gabby’s pillow is like a kindergarten’s paint smock. Also my towel, which I think they might have used last night to wipe their hands, and my hairbrush– which I used this morning and thank GOD my hair is waaay too dark to show all the chalk I inadvertently brushed into it.

And how does their hair look? Well:


Damn it.


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