JULIE: Jill, where’s Gabby in this pic?
JILL: Gabby’s The Situation!!!

Yesterday, my mother had a cookout for Jill and her family– who leave for their new home very soon. It was crowded and fun, and afterward,all three of my kids as well as my nephew Brett stayed with Jill’s girls at my mom’s house (did you get all that?). This morning at about 7:30, I woke up, trying to figure out why it was deathly quiet in the house. Then I remembered: the kids were at Mom’s. So I got up, poured some coffee, and did a little work before heading over to pick them up. It was so, so quiet; even the dog was looking at me kind of quizzically, like: “Dude, where’s all my buddies?” He truly missed them.

I missed them too.

When I got there, all the cousins were hanging out: some watching TV, some playing Frozen, there was a fly-swatting contest going on in the living room. And this is why Dave and I decided to raise our family here: so that they could grow up together with these kids. The ones who will be in their lives forever– not just as relatives, but as lifelong friends. This move of Jill and her husband and family will not derail that: no matter where any of these 12.5 cousins go from here, they’ll still be in each other’s lives forever. And it’s because they’ve shared so many small moments of their lives together: popsicles at Grandma’s house in the summer; and trips to the library; swinging on my swingset, and Jill’s swingset, and Betsy’s swingset, and Jeff’s. They’re so much a part of each other’s daily lives that this¬†trivial matter of a little distance, for a little while, can’t affect that. I’ll undoubtedly have the chance to post a bunch more of these mass sleepover pix,¬†at visits back and forth, over the next few years.

And in between visits, I’m going to miss three of these faces very, very much.

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    • Kimmber


      I left you a post at sn about your sis moving. I’m so sad for you. You can see through your photos how strong your bond with your sister is. Makes me really wish I had one.

      Miles will not alter that bond, not for you or your cousins.

    • Jules

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. <3

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