I’m Just Going to Admit It:

I do better when I have a lot going on.

There. I admit it. I need task lists and schedules and drop-dead-dates, or else I am completely unproductive. I’m not even trying to complain or play that Busyness One-Upping Game (where you act like you’re complaining about your busy schedule, but in fact are bragging about it). Everyone is busy and this I know. My issue is that I can’t get anything done when I have lots of time to do it. I blame my parents. (Hi Mom!!)

Anyway. I have several things due this week. One of these tasks I began a couple of weeks ago, ran into a snag, and have been circling uneasily ever since. Then this morning, in about two hours, I made more progress on it than in all of last week– because it is due soon. Meanwhile, I have three packages of Mardi Gras swag– one for Max, one for Robin, and one for Violet and Lily– which have no deadline. Therefore I have not shipped them. SINCE MARCH. I needed to clean out the kids’ drawers and closets by this week; I dithered over it since before school let out and then magically completed it all yesterday. I have a million examples like this for you.

But I wanted to also say this: in the past nine months we have replaced the living room furniture, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the waste pump, and the spring for the garage door– as well as a bunch of lesser appliances like coffee makers and vacuum cleaners. We’re just about to pull up all the hard-surface flooring on the first floor, and if I can ever motivate myself, the ceiling in the family room needs to be repainted (can someone please give me a drop-dead date for that, so that I can actually get it done?). In each case, we knew it had to happen, but waited until there was no other option but to replace it immediately. I just realized that this is our life pattern, Dave and me. Neither one of us works well unless we have a deadline. And I’ve decided to just embrace that instead of feeling guilty about it or trying to change it. Apparently I have two modes: Mega-Productive and Off.

Now, someone please get back to me with ship dates for the Mardi Gras swag.

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