Friday Bullet Blog

  • birthday jYesterday, Addie J wiped out while riding her scooter, and scraped up her knees and her face. She was pretty calm and stoic about it.
  • Last night, I sliced my thumb open while opening a bottle of wine. I acted like a total baby. [UPDATE: I just sliced my palm open while trimming stems on Addie’s birthday flowers. I shall surely die.]
  • Dave’s new thing for the kids is a little bullet blender, so they can make themselves smoothies for breakfast. I’ll let you imagine the chaos created by an early-morning Gabby, dripping juice on the floor and overstuffing her peach slices and banging the whole works on the counter “to loosen it up, Mom. What?”
  • This drop-dead date thing I asked you all for is working like a charm. I’ve gotten three things done from my list, since you all started giving me deadlines.
  • None of those things is shipping the Mardi Gras swag. Couldn’t you have given me shorter deadlines for that??
  • Our Summer Reading Program at the library is structured like a Bingo game. We can’t actually figure it out; I just told the kids, “Mark off some squares and I’ll take you back there for a prize.”
  • Addie J turns 8 on Sunday. I cannot believe it, for real. She will forever and always be my snuggliest, sweetest baby. Love that kid.
  • …And also: Gabby discovered yesterday that, if you do a search for “puking unicorn,” you will come upon her original drawing. This means that now I have to scan and upload two additional puking unicorns, “to make it fair for everyone.”

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