magnetI realized this today: my friend Jennie is a Kid Magnet. When she comes over, my kids cannot, cannot leave us alone to chat– they keep coming back around, wanting to tell Jennie things, asking for outlandish privileges while batting their eyes at her, sitting at the table with us. This is very sweet– but when Jennie and I want to have an adult conversation, it becomes difficult. Her house is That House, too: it attracts all the neighborhood kids. Now, conversely, Cameron is an Adult Magnet. He’s very social and comfortable with adults, and they are always telling me what a great, polite kid he is.** I’ll be like, “Cam, give me a chance to talk with [insert name of adult here],” and they’ll go, “No, just a second– Cam and I are talking about [insert random topic here].”

I kind of think most people are a magnet for something. Don’t you know Drama Magnets and Project Magnets and Good Fortune Magnets? I was just sitting here, thinking about how all the people in my life can be described. Dave? –Freak Injury Magnet. Jane? –Activities and Events Magnet. Actually my friend Ann is also a Freak Injury Magnet. Not sure how I would be described– I wonder if we can actually tell our type of magnetism, or if it needs to be observed by an outside party. (Otherwise I might be all, “Oh, I’m a Beauty Magnet, and a Running PR Magnet, and also a Personal and Professional Success Magnet.” Now that I think about it, I know someone who would for SURE describe themselves as a Personal and Professional Success Magnet, and that would be … not entirely accurate on either account.) I think I’m going to start observing my loved ones to figure out what they’re attracting, so that they can either embrace it or take steps to remove it.

I can tell already that my loved ones are really going to love this new habit of mine.

**Except for one guy last winter, who– upon observing Cam holding some dress bags for the girls at an Irish Dance event, said, “Oh,  look at that– you’re whipped already, huh?” To which I replied, “Actually, that’s called being a gentleman,” and the dude immediately spluttered something conciliatory and then looked distrustfully at Cam for the rest of the event. That guy didn’t like Cam so well. But given his idea of a friendly greeting, maybe he doesn’t qualify as an adult.

    2 comments to Magnets

    • Ann

      I love this game. I actually think you are a bully magnet. They think they can get to you – and perhaps you truly are a karma magnet. You deliver what is a long time coming or needed.

      I think I am more of a freak magnet (which carries over to injuries). I inherited it from my mom. Out of all of us, crazy people come up to me to ask me for advice. I get far too many random people telling me their life stories, or let’s not forget marriage proposals. :)I like this game. This would be a fun game to play!!!

    • Jules

      I think you’re right: you’re more of a freak incident magnet. Who else can you think of?

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