Playing the Game

JULIE: Addie J, please hurry up and get dressed. You only have twenty minutes.

ADDIE J: Okay, Mom.

JULIE: I made your lunch for you this morning. You’re lucky- you wouldn’t have had time to make it and finish getting ready.

ADDIE J: Thank you, Mom!

JULIE: You’re welcome.

ADDIE J: I bet another mom wouldn’t make her kid’s lunch. Another mom would say, “Too bad for you! You’ll be hungry!” I’m lucky you’re my mommy.

JULIE [giving her a hug]: Thanks, Baby Doll.


JULIE: What?

GABBY: Are you serious? Mom, she doesn’t even mean that. She’s just saying that to get out of trouble.

JULIE: I know. And it worked.

GABBY: Oh- so if I forget to make my bed, and you’re mad, and then I tell you I’m lucky you’re my mom, you won’t be mad anymore?

JULIE: That’s right, kid. All you gotta do is play the game.


ADDIE J: I love you, Mom.

JULIE: I love you too, Baby Doll.

GABBY: OH MY GOSH. [walks away in disgust]

Not saying I don’t respect her refusal to play. That said: which kid got her lunch made for her this morning?


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