Cameron the Warrior

We have friends who live far in terms of distance, but near to our hearts. Uncle Shea and Aunt Maya are much beloved by the kids. Fun Shea story: he was playing swords with a very young Cammy, and at some point yelled, “Touche!” From then on, whenever the situation called for it, Cam would yell that phrase as his 4-year-old self interpreted it: “To Uncle Shea!!”

So. We got a package today, containing a wonderful photo book of the times our families have spent together. Because Shea and Maya are a fabulous aunt and uncle, they also included gifts for each of the kids– including this: Last fall, their family came to visit for a weekend, and Shea accompanied Dave and Cam to an early-morning scrimmage. Shea took this photo with his phone (yes: HIS PHONE), and it made a gorgeous, high quality poster print. I can’t wait to frame it.


Shea included with the poster a quote from the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. When we called to thank Shea and Maya, Uncle Shea told Cammy all about that amazing speech, which galvanized a group of cold, tired, outmanned soldiers into a force to be reckoned with. And then he reminded Cam that, on the day this photo was taken, Cam had a fever, and that when he got home he went straight to bed and slept for 11 hours– yet he was the first one on the field on that frosty late-fall morning, and he played his heart out.

Cam put the poster, and his quote, on the wall above his bed. And in a shocking (and short-lived) twist, he asked me if I thought  he might enjoy reading Henry V. He’s upstairs, asleep now, right below this gift from his aunt and uncle. A photo of himself, looking like a warrior on the field.

Thanks, guys. He will love this forever.

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